RosterLive is one of the handful of sites offering a completely web-based interface. The site has has ESA status (Endorsed Supplier Arrangement), which pre-qualifies it for use by the Australian Government. The site layout is clean, and easy to navigate.

Scalability: for 1>100+ sites, global

Features: Include, but are not limited to:

* No software or hardware to install- full web-based rostering
* On-demand workforce management solution- SaaS (pay what you use)
* Time and attendance solutions
* Payroll integration functionality
* Manual or automatic roster generation, based on business requirements
* Roster optimization funtionality
* unlimited amount of customisable fields
* Track holidays, leave and exceptions
* Broadcast by Email (SMS)
* Employee self-service (‘Employee Kiosk’)
* Servers include SSL-protected security
* Web-based Biometrics and Smart Card technology
* LDAP (Lotus Directory) architecture
* Remote monitoring via TCP/IP
* Portable terminal option

Pricing: e-mail: for quote in Victoria,
in NSW and in QLD.

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