This company was founded in Sydney in 2003. It’s goal is to deliver significant time savings to it’s customers, through a range of automated workforce management solutions.

Scalability: multiple Users, can be adapted to each industry

Features: Include, but are not limited to:

* Award interpretation
* payroll integration
* time collection
* timesheet management
* employee management
* employee communication

Pricing: Customised per solution. Email:, Phone: +61 2 9439 1631.

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On Schedule


On Schedule has been developed by Codefish, a web applications company based in England. The system uses an automated scheduling system which allows the scheduler control, or manual control using the drag and drop interface. The system is Web-based, so no installs are required and staff can view schedules anywhere, at anytime.

Scalability: for 1>100+ sites, global

Features: Include, but are not limited to:

* the few click scheduling system, enabling rosters to be setup with a few clicks of the mouse.
* build customised schedules, including automatic schedule generation
* plan schedules with a graphical view
* manage from anywhere
* data input via standard web forms or by using the drag and drop interface
* reports for managers on absence and payroll or budgeting
* exports to your brand of payroll system available upon request
* staff can enter availability and view rotas online
* email and phone support included

Pricing: Web Application Subscription for 25 Employees $15.87 (USD) per month. Additional sets of 25 Employees at $7.95 (USD) each. Contact On Schedule for more information:

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Rostermatic is a mature offering in online work-rostering. The site layout is simple and easy to navigate, via a tabbed interface. The site has been established by ASP Microcomputers, based in Victoria.

Scalability: for 5-100+ staff

Features: Include, but are not limited to:

Unlimited e-mail and phone support
Access to shift patterns
Printable calendars/ charts
Holiday/ vacation tracking
Rostering templates
Multiple roster views (calendar/ chart/ weekly)
Mobile phone option (broadcasting)
Computer to mobile text messenger
Broadcast by Email (SMS)
Backups available
Trial roster creation
Trial subscription option (including time management version)
Corporate version

Pricing: Standard Version- AUS$ 3.00 per person, per month Time Management Version- AUS$ 4.50 per person, per month

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