Rostermatic is a mature offering in online work-rostering. The site layout is simple and easy to navigate, via a tabbed interface. The site has been established by ASP Microcomputers, based in Victoria.

Scalability: for 5-100+ staff

Features: Include, but are not limited to:

Unlimited e-mail and phone support
Access to shift patterns
Printable calendars/ charts
Holiday/ vacation tracking
Rostering templates
Multiple roster views (calendar/ chart/ weekly)
Mobile phone option (broadcasting)
Computer to mobile text messenger
Broadcast by Email (SMS)
Backups available
Trial roster creation
Trial subscription option (including time management version)
Corporate version

Pricing: Standard Version- AUS$ 3.00 per person, per month Time Management Version- AUS$ 4.50 per person, per month

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Guia International Scheduling Software

Guia International Scheduling Software

Not strictly an online rostering service, but still a relevant addition to the area of roster generation software, Guia International Scheduling Software quickly and painlessly allows managers to
generate rosters using a range of specialised software products. Established in 1989, the company is based in the USA, and now has customers in 48 countries around the world.

The Company’s “Scheduling Employees 2000” software offers the ability to update rosters with click-and-drag functionality, and is targeted at the hospitality and retail sectors. “Employee Scheduling Assistant 2000” offers the ability to publish
shift-work rosters to the web, and the “Universal Resource Scheduler 2.7” tracks resources, and assigns them to a client.

Scalability: for 1>100+ staff, Global

Features: Include, but are not limited to:

* Freeware versions of some software
* Drag-and-drop funtionality
* Publish schedules to the web
* A variety of software solutions available
* Frequently updated blog
* Winner of various awards

Pricing: from $68.50 – $137.00 USD for software packages. Some freeware also available. Contact:

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Quintiq Roster Solution


Quintiq is a Dutch company, which provides advanced planning and scheduling solutions, and was established in 1997. The Quintiq Roster Solution optimizes the scheduling process, by minimising overtime / undertime costs. The QRS system can automatically generate optimal shift patterns from data entered, or support you in creating your own shift patterns. Quintiq’s headquarters are located in the Netherlands, and it has various subsidiaries internationally.

Scalability: 100+ staff

Features: Include, but are not limited to:

Accessibility for every planner and end-user through all modern technologies
Considers all needs, resources and constraints to find optimal shifts
Converts orders and forecasts into rosters and shifts
Automatic scheduling
Overtime and undertime analysis
Uses algorithms to maximise efficiency and resource utilization
Extended analysis resources that are customizable per department or group

Pricing: call Quintiq Global Headquarters at +31 (73) 691 07 39.

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Hello Scheduling

Hello Scheduling

Hello Scheduling is based in San Francisco, and offers online rostering for a range of industries. The product allows for easy tracking of employee’s shifts and labour costs.
There is no software which is required to be installed, and the interface has an emphasis on “fun”, with cartoony representations of landscapes in the background.

Scalability: for 1>100+ staff

Features: Include, but are not limited to:

* Employees can swap shifts with each-other
* Completely web-based product
* Online trial/ free beta
* Informs of how shift changes will affect labor budget
* scheduler can approve and deny requests
* master schedule can be printed

Pricing: e-mail:

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